Wednesday, July 15, 2020

+++++++++++ Creating Change in San Juan Cosala +++++++++++

Recently I was asked to assist in a new community huerto/garden project in San Juan Cosala.

The organization is ChangeMakers. ChangeMakers is a non-profit organization focusing on empowering girls to become successful in their chosen fields of interest by assisting with education, information, and support. The girls strengthen their communities by sharing their skills and knowledge.

Monica Masini, Program Coordinator for ChangeMakers asked me if I'd be interested in teaching the young ladies of the program organic gardening.  When I learned of ChangeMakers and their goals and mission, I immediately said "yes".

We are about GIRL emPOWERment.  A ChangeMaker is someone who takes creative action to solve a social problem.  Our girls demonstrate that they are motivated to act. They are pathfinders, forerunners and trendsetters.  They develop and create methods to overcome obstacles in their paths to personal and professional success. ChangeMakers was formed to help girls to do exactly that.

ChangeMakers empowers girls to create personal changes and achieve success by providing them with the needed education and tools. The educational programs and support services for the girls are developed by the expat and local Mexican women listening, sharing, and learning from each other. ChangeMakers strives to be culturally aware, sensitive, and respectful of the Mexican communities.

And so we met on a beautiful parcel of land in San Juan Cosala, loaned to us by Irma Remeno Garcia's family.

Our first meeting was one of introduction and vision sharing.

We spoke of past gardening experiences.

We spoke of needed materials and what the young ladies would like to learn.

We spoke of schedules, timelines and work/family responsibilities.

Then we got to work clearing stones and boulders 
from the recently plowed plot of land 
where our sustainable garden work will happen.

We are only now just starting to plant the seeds of knowledge,
hope and change.

We are in need of donations: garden tools, gloves, wheel barrels
...anything you can think of that one
might need in a community garden.

Watch Us Grow!

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