Tuesday, February 20, 2018

La Zapotera & San Pedro Itzican Community Projects

Seeds selected for the food garden at La Zapotera

A morning that starts with sorting seeds, early errands with Dr. Todd Stong and visits to 
La Zapotera and San Pedro Itzican is a precursor to a wonderful day. 

Dr. Stong and Gerardo discuss quantities.

Our first stop was the Comex paint store to purchase paint for the renovation of the La Zapotera Community Center.  The interior walls have been repaired and primed.

A bright green paint was selected for the front doors and windows.

Our primary helpers, and the first ones on site, were Bryan and Don Ramon.

Out of chaos comes order.

The guys start distributing the paint and off we go!

The top portion of the interior walls will be white, with the lower section a bright, sunny yellow.

With the help of the community things are progressing quickly.

Tune in next week for further developments.

Our friend Gerardo has opted to stay in La Zapotera during the week to oversee the renovation work on the Community Center building.  On night 3, while sleeping on the floor of the building, he was stung on his upper left shoulder in the middle of the night at 2 a.m.  This was the culprit, apparently looking for a little body heat. It was a good thing that Gerardo caught the scorpion.  At times identification helps in pinpointing the most effective cure.

 La Zapotera Farmacia

The women of the town were able to help Gerardo with his scorpion bite by using their plant based, medicinal remedies from their own Farmacia.

Thanks to the wonderful remedies administered, Gerardo is feeling fine 2 to 3 days after the sting.

Xochilt's Garden in San Pedro Itzican

Our first home garden installation was at Xochilt's home.  We opted for macetas, due to the limited in dirt planting space...and now it was time for a visit to see how the plants were doing and how Xochitl was feeling about having these plants in her home.

We discovered that all the plants were doing well, and that the family has started to harvest Swiss Chard and herbs from the garden for their meals.

Everyone seemed happy with the progress, and more pots and plants were planned for installation next week.

Watch us grow!

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