Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mezcala & San Pedro Itzican Garden & Jewelry Projects

(fotos by Anita Torres Guerrero, Doris Wakeman and Fco. Nava)

Jewelry Making in Mezcala

 Brigadista's Home Office, Mezcala

Our mission today was to visit with the Jewelry Making Project in Mezcala.  These women have been trained in Ajijic and are now producing and selling their product around the Ribera de Chapala area, Mezcala and San Pedro Itzican.  Look for their table soon in the Ajijic Plaza.

Small but efficient work space

Samples of some of the work

 We were also introduced to Anita Torres Guerrero's newest family member, Mimimsky. 
I don't think you can get much cuter!


While the women talked shop, I set up a seed exchange table to work with the Brigadistas and their garden needs.

 Seed Monger

Jorge's Garden Plot

Jewelry business taken care of we headed over to Jorge's family's lot, where we delivered a roll of chicken wire to be used in the new vegetable garden.

Jorge's home included many animals and the fencing is needed to protect the new plants.


These will soon become the family's organic vegetable garden plots

Laura's Garden Plot

A short distance from Jorge's lot is Laura's family's land.  Part of the large parcel is planted with squash and chayote.

Directly across from the planted area is the parcel we've been given to plant.  Planning cleaning and rock removal is key to the project.  These tasks will be completed soon.

Don Alfredo speaks with the Brigadistas and Poco A Poco crew.

We have beautiful plans for this garden.

And lastly I'd like to invite you to 

The 3rd Annual Festival of Native Seeds

Keep an eye on our progress.  We'll be harvesting soon!

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