Sunday, January 12, 2020

++++++++++ Renewal, Rebirth, Regeneration 2020 +++++++++++

1st Harvest of the Year 2020
(Mustard greens, arugula, rabanos, lettuce, jamaica, basil)

Our Vision For 2020

Once Upon A a land far, far away named San Juan Tecomatlan de Los Chiles Verdes,
 there was a Vivero (Nursery) named La Esperanza.    At the Vivero La Esperanza, there were many trees, dirt...and much landfill waste.  A few years later people arrived to plant vegetables, make planting beds and flowers arrived, as well as the animals (darned chickens!).
People from the town started to arrive and ask if they could grow and join the Vivero.
Sonia and Rosi followed and made their own planting beds.
The Vivero grew and was made beautiful.

We had more plants, more animals, with less pests and more volunteers.  We had organic gardening classes at the Vivero, classes of English, more classes of Artesanal Paper Making at the Vivero.
We had workshops for motivation, such as Music and Dance classes.

We set up and used our metal structures for a hot house environment and special plant house,
with more food and ornamental plants being germinated and grown.  
We envision more planting beds to accommodate all the people who want to grow in our Vivero.
And finally we see an entry arch with the name Vivero La Esperanza to greet you
upon your arrival.

This is our vision for 2020 for the Vivero La Esperanza.

The Vivero La Esperanza crew of San Juan Tecomatlan de los Chiles Verdes
Jan. 4th, 2020

Today Dr. Lalo brought with him an astounding portable microscope.

We collected samples from the Vivero to view under magnification...what we saw was amazing!

Aphids under 250 x magnification

Some of the creatures were fascinating, like the shrimp-like, pincher headed scorpion looking insect.
There are worlds within worlds of animals in our Vivero that we can't see with the naked eye.

The kids learned and were enthralled with the discoveries.

Thank you Dr. Lalo y Priscilla for the assist.

Winter gardens have a beauty all their own.

With the end of one season comes the promise of the next.

We started by taking down the spent and beautiful Jamaica plants

And we harvested the flowers to make agua fresca for next week.

We also removed and harvested the Amaranth plants.

We started building the 2nd metal structure and digging holes for the main support
poles so that the structure does not blow down in high winds.

Rabanos and Basil were also harvested.

Emily and Karla wanted to make their own planting beds and have promised to
attend to them diligently.


...Dr. Lalo and helpers made our second "anti-gallina" prototype.

We're hoping this structure will guarantee in-ground seed germination
without the plants being picked apart by the neighbor's free roaming chickens.

As the new year starts our prospects look good.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Vivero La Esperanza

Gracias to all our loyal supporters.

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