Friday, January 17, 2020

++++++++++++++ San Pedro Itzican - Year 2020 ++++++++++++++

The new year has brought new changes to San Pedro Itzican and our
Brigadistas and Poco A Poco home office.

Anita Torres Guerreo, who is the Director of the Brigada
Estatal de Protección Civil y Bomberos is also the local representative
for CEDHJ (Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos Jalisco) or the
local rep. for the Human Rights Commision for the State of Jalisco.

To streamline her work and increase her time efficiency she has brought her
work spaces together at the local home office in San Pedro Itzican.

Today one of our young Brigadistas was doing his homework 
using the office computer, when we arrived.

Our home office in San Pedro Itzican is always a multi-use area.  At any time of day
you will find classes in session for reading and literacy, music, ethics, homework tutorials.

The office also houses our Sewing Program area where local community members
are learning to sew and alter clothing and make other functional and decorative items.

Almost always food for the youth is a priority.  Today was no exception.
On Thursdays Patricia Moran and her FoodShare Program bring a nutritious meal for approximately 50 children and their families.  The food is collected from organization donations in the Ajijic area, cooked and brought to San Pedro Itzican for comida.

Today's special treat - ice cream cones for dessert!

The office area also houses our wood burning oven, which has recently been redone.

The oven is churning out all sorts of baked and cooked goodies for sale in the town and
for consumption by the families - sweet breads and bunuelos are just a few of the delicious
items being made.  On Monday, the crew will learn the fine art of pizza making.

Steve Shapiro

A surprise guest showed up today after comida.  Steve Shapiro and his crew entertained
the group with magic tricks, humour and song.

Steve also brought with him his world map/geography game
for everyone to enjoy.

Part of our organizational change for the new year is to separate 
the medical office facilities from the administrative offices, giving
the medical needs of the town their own space.

New Medical Office Facade

Exam/Work Area


 New Vivero/Nursery Location In San Pedro Itzican

 Rancho San Francisco

One of the programs we've been trying to start in San Pedro Itzican is a Vivero or Local Nursery
to help the families of the town grow their own food.  We envision a place where organic gardening classes can be held and where the families can have their own plots of land to grow their own food.

Francisco, a man from San Pedro Itzican and a retired school teacher, is 
becoming an integral part of Poco A Poca San Pedro Itzican with his 
involvement in our baking program, our sewing program and other
volunteer work he does to maintain the office property.

Recently Francisco told Anita that he has property just outside of the town that could
be used to grow food....we went to take a look and liked what we saw.

His property is a 5 min. walk from town, has ample planting space, water, electricity, 
bathrooms and a covered terraza area.

Don Francisco had a good crop of squash grow beautifully this past year on his land.

Presently their are 3 goats on the property that have cleared the area of any plants.  
Once our plants are placed in the soil, the goats will be penned securely.

 Don Francisco (left) and Pedro (right)

The women of the town and members of the growth brigade have already given the 
property their much so that some of them have already outlined
their plots.

 Thank You!

We'd like to thank all those generous hearts and souls who give of their
time, energy and or resources.


Steve S.
Sheila S.

Poco A Poco we are all making a difference.

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