Sunday, May 6, 2012


Writing this blog happens...sometimes with the words materializing first and the images afterwards....sometimes the other way around.  Reflecting the world around us, in the manner that it happens, makes sense.  Throughout our days, the images sometimes blaze in front of us, before they morph into experiences...without words.  Sometimes speaking over morning coffee a concept guides us, propelling us through our day, leading us to magical horizons.  I love this ability to create/be created be influenced and to influence.  Living a creative a dream...viviendo una obra.

My dear friend Lollie and I used to take long, beautiful hikes into the Santa Monica Mountains, sharing time and space with each other and the local flora y fauna.  Guided meditations were frequent during our hikes and on one of these hikes we decided to take an inner journey and discover our spirit animals.  I was very excited to meet my spirit daemon, imagining a powerful, wise creature...most likely a large, dark bear, or golden, glistening lion.  We reached a crest in the mountain and chose a spot to meditate.  My journey took me to relaxation and then to a roaming meadow, lush and verdant with many tall trees and busty bushes, a running, babbling creek parting the valley at its low point.  As I patiently waited, hidden to one side of the creek, I watched as cougars appeared and drank long cool sips from the creek.  Soon masterful brown bears wandered by.  Shining sly foxes and wise wolves also sauntered and meandered there in the afternoon sun....but none of these majestic creatures stopped to show themselves as my power animal.  Just as we were to leave this place, for our departure was drawing near and our hike back down the mountain would be long, I remember feeling that I was not to meet my power animal this trip.  So I stood, stretched and gave in to the final result of no animal presence.  And just then I noticed that a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttered down from up high.  I remembered thinking what a lovely, frail, gorgeous creature.  I picked up my things and was just turning to leave when it dawned on was my power daemon...nothing like I had imagined, but full of beauty, able to soar to the heavens or land on the fecund earth, able to experience complete metamorphism.  What a majestic creature it was...and it was mine.

I also equate this power animal with the spirit of my deceased brother, Michael.  Michael died a while ago but I feel him often around and close to me...especially when I am where I should be, doing the things I should be doing...guiding me.

So it wasn't surprising that during our walk home from breakfast this morning down a cobbled stone street, during my diatribe about how this move has and is effecting me, while Brad was sharing his own move experiences with me, that a yellow butterfly should come fluttering by, darting in front of us and returning, circling us as we strolled, walked. and talked.

I smiled as I mentioned "there is my yellow butterfly".  Brad knew what this meant and my heart and soul grew lighter having had this spirit signal...they soared having had my brother close by me again...knowing that this is where we should be...right here...right now.

May peace find you where you are. 


Fco. y Brad

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