Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Learning to co-exist.

One of the lakeside, pre-rainy season, daily sunset nuisances that we have to put up with are the lakeside Bobos....a small, innocuous albeit numerous flying insect that seems to invade us at sunset...they are usually tolerable if you close your windows right before sunset...and thus keep them outside....but if you forget to close your windows or don't shut your windows quickly enough, the Bobos invade your indoor light sources in a frenzy....this evening it seems we weren't quite fast enough and ended up slapping the poor little critters around a bit.

Brad eventually went to read in our outside/indoor studio...and I sat happily on our portico and watched the lighting/thunder show, as the evening rains began...a spectacular proof of just how small humans really are when faced with mother nature at her grandest.

As the rains start, the Bobos cease to be a nuisance....they seem to be pacified by the rain...and there comes a point of equilibrium where you and the Bobos co-exist and are one.   It doesn't mean that they go away, but they leave you alone enough to be able to Skype or write your blog and you don't feel you have to deal with them anymore....such a  metaphor for life, no?  We need to learn to co-exist and be one with each other, with our environment.  Perhaps we should be more like Bobos....we're born, live, mate, give birth and die all within a relatively short time....a day or so.  Imagine how happy they must be to live fully, even if it is just for a short while.

Arbol De La Vida

"Me Muero De La Riza"

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