Saturday, June 16, 2012


Creativity is an ephemeral thing.  I've been painting most of my life and at the same time trying to understand the process.  Opening an area of space in my life and soul and time to allow for the force to flow...exposing myself to certain artistic exhibition/expression.  I remember once I went collecting "reds" for one of my paintings.  My dear friend  Eavonka went with me...she understood and accepted this task enthusiastically and freely.

A recent dialogue with Brad about creativity...about risk taking...about fear of failure...and meeting and speaking with so many artists in Mexico and the constant, amazing evolution of different art forms here, have all allowed me to pickup my brushes and paint again....which for me is monumental. I escape to another world when I is similar, but at the same time different, to reading

My small art studio/office

Baby Swallows En Nest

Our official Chapala symbol/crest has natural/pagan elements of night/day, sun/moon, chapulin/grasshopper, lake, fishing nets, indigenous pots and ojos de dios, as well as the official Mexican flag representation of eagle and snake upon opuntia.  These are all elements that effect us greatly, every yearly cycle; life reflected in official art reflected in life.

And each cycle continues, circles, and returns again.  With or without us, it proceeds.  I'm glad it sweeps us along and allows us to continue.

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