Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Arriving at the goat farm

Our friend Kim invited us to a goat farm off the Libramiento, to sample a local drink called Pajarete.  I wasn't sure what exactly Pajarete entailed, but I told her I was game...so we headed out to the hills north of the lake.  Pajarete contains fresh goat's milk, ChocMil, coffee, stevia y sugar cane alcohol.

A bunch of chivos/goats

Goat Farm View

Kim didn't tell us that the goat farm was situated on a piece of land with an amazing view of the lake and surrounding areas...we were pleasantly surprised with the location.

Kim and her friend

Kim and Howard are regular visitors to the goat farm, buying milk for their weekly needs.  There is one particular brown haired goat that has befriended Kim...and this goat followed Kim around throughout our visit.

Sampling Pajarete in situ

Feeding Time

We also met a brown puppy that had joined the goat family and was being nurtured and fed by a mother goat.  Dogs, goats, cats, chickens and roosters, turkeys and chicks all live together harmoniously on the farm....a good example of how life should be.

Chivo Guys

The guys at the farm tend to and live in the area.  As can be witnessed in this photo, they too drink goat's milk daily.

Baby Pen

De Mille Close Up

Our beautiful hills post rain

Watching chivos

Chivos are like puppies, wanting petting and stroking and loving.  They are wonderful to watch.  The adolescent young'uns play at bucking each other, while the babies just want to be petted and stroked.

Pajarete Sign

Brad with goat milk in hand

Pet me,  pet me,  pet me!

Puppy lake view

Who me?

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