Thursday, March 22, 2012

After driving 750 miles through landscape like this,

We arrived in Guaymas tired and ready to find a nice hotel bed. But Mexico had something else in store for us, a real magical Mexico hello. We drove all over Guaymas - not a hotel in sight. We asked and got "oh yeah, just over that hill, make a right, make left, make another right, another left", you get the idea. No hotel, not a one in the city it seemed. It got dark. We almost destroyed the car driving over Killer Road Bumps that you couldn't see until they jumped up and said a big hello. No hotel. Almost in total depair, a sign appeared. Hotel Playa de Cortez. A hotel! We drove thru the dark, partially closed gate and saw the very vision of a big old beautiful hotel from the early 1900's.
The next morning we had breakfast in this wonderful old hall.

The view from our room:

We stayed 2 days and just relaxed and drank in the view.  And drove around Guaymas. It has a wonderful central plaza like most Mexican cities have with a cathedral, square with old ornate iron seats for people to sit in, lots of trees, a bandstand beloved of pigeons, people with their children feeding birds. You sit down and never want to get up.

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  1. I remember we got up very very early and went and put a bunch of shells into these mesh bags. We were so proud of ourselves and then, later, at breakfast, suddenly all these critters started crawling out of our bags!

    We stole their homes. I was so sad for them and felt very badly. I must have been 6 years old.

    Glorious to see these,