Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lake Chapala Bound

On the way to Chapala....we landed in Guaymas yesterday after a day of crossing the border in Nogales. Our travels so far have been pleasant, beautiful, with wonderful attention from my paisans, who have been nothing but gracious and helpful.

We arrived late in the day after driving through Hermosillo....a dry drop of people in the desert...and drove through to Guaymas. Hermosillo had grown like an ugly sister, bitter with industry and time. But Guaymas is just as I remember her; on the Sea of Cortez, wave lappingly seductive, gorgeous. We found a little colonial gem of a hotel....the Playa de Cortes...which was built by a railroad magnate in the early 1900's and today still stands as beautiful as when she was first created.

Note: Ive been seeing the world through architecture lately....books, films, locations....and know that this perspective will serve me well here....more on this later.

So for now, from Brad (who is snoozing on the water's edge with the sound of waves lullabying him to sleep) and I (having my morning coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice with a view of the bay) we wish you all a beautiful day.

Fco. y Brad,
Guaymas, Mexico


  1. This is amazing! It sounds wonderful. So glad you could keep us informed. I'm thirsting for a trip to Mexico, now that you talk so beautifully. Great writing !

  2. Ah, Guaymas... Post some pictures too. Makes me want to take a road trip to visit. I'm sad about Hermosillo though.

  3. Hola Mis Tios,

    (Maeve here): How beautiful it is! It makes me want to travel to Mejico RIGHT NOW!
    How do you say "Whoa," and "Giddyup" in spanish a los caballos?
    We miss you lots!

  4. Hola Mis Hermanos:

    (Shannon here): Thank you soooooo much for the blogging as you go. This is so wonderful to get a picture of what it is like to travel through Mejico! And that hotel is a dream! I want to go there too! I can see it is really good for you to be out of the slow boiling pot as I predicted!
    Can we still call you or is that not an option now that you are in Mejico?
    My question about your travels-what are you eating there? Please include that in your travelogue:)

  5. I went to Guaymas as a little girl. It was the first time I ever saw the ocean, and I will never forget it.

    I'm so grateful you're writing these. I miss you loads.

    Much love,