Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guadalajara to Ajijic (Lake Chapala)


Guadalajara is all about going home.  I told Brad this as we were driving into the city yesterday.  And so we’ve spent the day trying to get our bearings, driving to Abuelitas for breakfast, which took far too long to find.  Going through streets whose names were familiar, but whose directions and destinations were nowhere to be found in my memory bank.

Perhaps Guadalajara is also about finally letting go….finally realizing that you’ve arrived and that you will need that nap today….that you should take that trip to the Parque Metropolitan in the afternoon for some open, fresh air space…some visiting with bird friends….going to see your beloved, dear friend who just happens to be a ficus.

As we entered the Parque Metropolitan (the park where I would ride daily, first thing in the morning and the park that Brad has also come to love) we happened upon a plaque that read  “In The Parque Metropolitan”.  It was a love poem written by a R.A.R., to a great Ficus that greets you as you first arrive.


With your roots in the air
And your trunk in the ground
And even thus, alone, majestic
You survive.
What happened to you?  What vandalism?
What storm?  How many others succumbed?
But you, you welded yourself to life
And refused to die.

Elevate your new branches to the sky,
That the sun kisses every morning,
You are full of nests
And birds that sing,
While you await the coming spring.

I always stop to marvel at you,
And I too have weathered storms,
And like you, I have survived
Which is the important thing.

And like you, I raise my arms to the sky.
And like you, I am full of nests.
I relish and delight in the birds songs.
I feel the sun and, like you, smile.

And like you, I await all the good
that will come,

With the next spring.

Mexican Honey Bee for Sergey

Jacaranda In Bloom for Ms. E.

CCC - This same night we returned to town, we chose Los Arcos, close to the house here, for dinner.  Another seafood restaurant....we are drawn to the sea in many ways.  We had fish tacos al pastor, a slowly spit-grilled, marinated delight.  The shrimp ceviche was wonderful, fresh.  Our fillete a la Mazatlan (white fish stuffed with shrimp, ocotpus, scallops in a bechamel sauce was delectable...but our desssrts (see below) were a work of art.  Brad's a yummy cheesecake and mine a complex chocolate conncoction of some sort....too rich for words.  Sated we headed for our beds.

Fco's Chocolate Heaven

Brad's Whimsical Cheesecake

And so we said Buenas Noches again in the City of Roses and Fountains which is Guadalajara.

Hasta pronto,

Fco. y Brad

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  1. Whoa, I am blown away by that ficus, the poem, the photos...and then, a jacaranda?! Truly, something beautiful on every level.