Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mazatlan to Guadalajara Bound

Sleepy Sunday

We're in Mazatlan this morning...after having spent a lovely afternoon evening here last night...with a glorious meal, serenaded by a wonderful musician and couples dancing to his music.

I took a long walk along the beach this morning. Mazatlan is a place where the fish jump right out of the water...I guess there are so many of them there that it might get crowded ...or perhaps the fish are just jumping with joy....I would be too! It is lovely here....Brad is still sleeping and I think I discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant on the beach for our breakfast.

Our trip is progressing nicely....just a bit of heat....but Semana Santa starts right was we hit Ajijic and move into our rental home....the small town fiestas should be amazing to watch this year.
We ran into some animal friends along the way….a Great Blue Heron

And an iguana. A little boy sitting next to us mentioned that he saw a lizard, but I didn’t imagine it to be a 2 foot long iguana until we spotted one ourselves.

We spent most of the day walking and exploring the beach and environs, which were spectacular…taking naps and watching a beautiful sunset.

And found some jewels of wisdom along the way…

I can see why so many people from Guadalajara consider this a wonderful, short drive weekend stay. I know we will be back soon to discover more of Mazaltan.

CCC – Oh yes, the seafood here is outstanding…you can’t go wrong with anything you select…and the restaurants are too many to count.
The Malecon Area of Mazatlan is vibrantly lit with colorful folk, art and vendors.It reminded me of Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana Beach.
So we reluctantly said goodbye to Mazatlan and headed to Tepic.We were planning on spending the night in Tepic, but after driving through the town decided to just drive the last 2 hours to Guadalajara.
As we drove from Nayarit into Jalisco the landscape started to change…it became lush…filled by trees…even pines at the higher elevations…but always verdant with life.
We drove past volcanic mountains, ranchos, small towns whose names ended in “tlan” and started with “Ix…”
I told Brad of the wonderful cloud formations in this area, of how much I wished it would rain…and then it did start to rain….heavy drops like the kind I remembered from my youth….and to our surprise we spotted a rainbow right in front of us….ending where Guadalajara began….an omen….of good luck, Brad said.

And so we were properly greeted by Guadalajara….rain…..bows….and traffic that rivals
that of Los Angeles…and we remembered why we couldn’t live in Guadalajara and had opted for Chapala, lakeside instead.
For now we are happily waiting for our drive to lakeside tomorrow.
Wishing you all a Buenas Noches,
Fco. y Brad


  1. So glad to know you are home in Ajijic. Love to you both.

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