Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Guaymas, Mexico


The day dawns differently in Mexico. The sun creeps over the jagged mountain tops, illuminating everything in a golden glow. The shore birds here in Guaymas call the day in and the morning breakfast feeding frenzy begins in the bay. We've seen brown pelicans, Caspian terns, cormorants, Great White egrets, plovers, willets, mourning doves, grackles, to name a few of the active birds.

Great Brown Pelican Flyby

Brad is snoozing comfortably in his bed overlooking the bay and I’ve made my way around the place, stopping to greet the day myself, in my own way….with a brisk walk, a cup of coffee in the great restaurant room and time to blog.

Brad in Guaymas Plaza

Brad wrote about the plaza in Guaymas, where we went exploring yesterday afternoon…and true to his word….he didn’t want to leave.  As soon as he saw the park full of old men hanging around, with children scurring about, he sat with a big smile on his face and took the world in. 

Life flows slower in Mexico…people seem to take time to build in purpose to their daily routine…and as a result you accomplish what you need to, with a cushion to greet friends on the street, to stop and help a lost tourist, etc.

Fisherman Statue – Malecon, Guaymas

And like most towns we found a beautiful primary statue to the industry that supports this lovely place…The Fisherman.

  A tale of lost love and yearning told via a fisherman’s boat and soul.

A view of our hotel…we’re in the farthest left room, 2nd floor.

And the view from the room out.

Hotel Playa de Cortes

Fisher Guys

So, rested and fulfilled, we continue our journey south.  Today thru Ciudad Obregon and onto Los Mochis, where Brad has found us a lovely seaport estuary town to dock for the night.

Fco. y Brad


  1. Great pictures, and I'm glad you're enjoying the journey! How's the vegan situation? Would I be able to eat there?!!

  2. Guaymas is so beautiful! Even more beautiful than I remember it. Can't wait to hear your update on Los Mochis and Culiacan. So glad you are having a good and restful time.

  3. Lovely.

    You two AND the photos.