Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dinner With Friends

Wednesday was an important day.  I was to visit my Notario in Chapala to provide documentation and necessary information for the Jucio Sucesorio needed for the house in Guadalajara.  I was praying that after a long Semana Santa vacation the Notario would not be too busy.  I was in luck.  When I arrived he was alone in his office and willing to take my visit.  We quickly exchanged info and documents and I was out of his office in about an hour.  Sweet!

After my previous day's long bike ride to Sn. Nicholas I realized that I had not packed my sunscreen and was critically in need of off to Soriana for a water bottle and sunscreen search.  SPF 50 in hand and on body I felt somewhat protected from the sun.  I decided to ride into town and happened upon the one bike shop in the immediate area.  I asked about a basket for my bike, a metal water bottle...both of which they did not have...but I was able to purchase a new water bottle holder and get some needed air in my tires and met THE Bike Guys...always good people to know if you are a primary transportation, bike guy yourself.

Wednesday evening we had been invited to dinner at our friend's home.  Craig and Charis, our host and hostess, were waiting for us with open arms.  Charis had been wanting to have us over and invited some of their other friends for us to meet, knowing we'd all have many things in common.  They were correct. 

Craig Our Host

At dinner we met Kim & Howard....and Norma & Rory.  We spoke in English and Spanish about sustainability in Mexico, real estate rehab, food, Mexican lifestyles... and laughed alot.

Charis Our Wonderful Hostess

CCC - Charis is a marvelous chef and has taken the task of creating a beautiful home in hand and proven very successful.  Her table and food were beautiful.  We feasted on roasted organic vegetables, perfectly grilled salmon, lovely roasted potatoes and  a varied green salad.

(Left to Right - Howard, Kim, Brad, Craig's back y Charis)

Of course, Brad and I were the first to arrive and the last guests to leave.  After piling the dishes into the dishwasher, we sat and spoke of falcons, boat trips to the other side of the lake, day trips to Tlaquepaque and dogs.

Craig and Charis share their home with 2 canine friends:  Charlie and Girlfriend.  Charlie is their guru, according to Craig.  And Girlfriend is a sweetheart.


Tequila in hand we toasted life....and said goodnight, relishing the quality drink, food and friends.  What a lovely gift from Charis and Craig.  Gracias!

Fco. y Brad


So here is what happens when you go for an early morning bike ride in Chapala.  I set off towards Jocotepec and ended up in Santo Domingo, where Brad and I stayed the last time we visited the area.  I wanted to see our muralist friend Jesus V. Lopez Vega, who lives in Santo Domingo.  He wasn't home or most likely asleep...after all, this was way before 9 a.m. when I knocked.  So I continued along the cobble stoned streets of Santo Domingo to West Ajijic, and on the way saw a new restaurant named El Azul De Frida (a tribute to Frida Kahlo, since the place is painted in cobalt blue, like the famed residence of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan, Mexico). 

A gentleman and woman of the 3rd age (as we call senior citizens here) greeted me warmly at the door.  I asked about their menu and was immediately swept indoors, where the gentleman introduced himself as Romy.  Romy explained that he is a businesses man and restaurateur/architect/engineer/artist.  He wanted to share with me his gallery, restaurant, workspace, office and various projects he has produced.  As it turns out Romy also has a lot in Riberas Del Pilar and is going to start construction next week on his house there, so we will be neighbors.  He explained that the restaurant was created for his mother, who is a wonderful chef.  I promised to return to sample her food.  He also mentioned that he and I should collaborate on work here in the lakeside area.  I told him I'd be open to this idea and we would talk more about it.

So I hop on my bike and continue the journey home, stopping at the Ajijic plaza for coffee and a good read.  On the way home I decide to stop in at El Panino, my other friend Lupita's restaurant.  I haven't had a chance to say hello yet, so I find her happy to see me and excited that I am living lakeside now.  We also talk about my working at her restaurant, as an apprentice.  I explain that I want to learn to cook and learn the restaurant biz....she is overjoyed and says we will have to have dinner and drinks and toast the occasion.


I make my way home and on the last leg of my trip run into Brad heading the opposite direction on the carretera.  He is going to see his dentist today and we catch up quickly, before I turn down our street to strip off all my clothes and relax.  It has been sunny and hot here...typical right before the rains start in we try to stay a cool as possible.  Even with the heat this place is stunning.  Feeling blessed,


Fco. y Brad


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