Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organic Farmer's Market Tuesday

One of the things people here treasure greatly is good food.  You can't think of Mexico and not think of wonderful cuisine.  And the last time I visited the Ribera of Chapala the locals had just started an (OFM) organic farmer's market.

Our friend Charis, who is now a local home owner here, invited us to attend the OFM yesterday and to tour a few of the local plant nurseries.

As usual, our day started late because of something called Daylight Savings Time.  As most of you know, I have an issue with this thing called time.  I believe it is a societal fabrication invented to keep us all in line.  Brad says I don't believe in it.  I's just that I try not to pay it much attention.  Like an irritating neighbor,  I find ignoring it is best.  So....time.....we were late in arriving at Craig and Charis' home because of the time change...who knew?  But like most Mexicans, Charis was unfazed by our late arrival and we piled into the family van and were off.  The OFM had been moved to a new area...The Laguna the crossroads by the carretera or highway.  This new location affords more space, a lovely awninged terrrace and lots of welcoming smiles.

The food was both raw unprepared and prepared.  Most of the "green" organizations were represented, so it was an easy way to connect.  We found lovely chard, berries, (the local town of Jocotepec is known for it's agriculture and especially its berries in season - and in season we are!) tomatoes, zuchinni, onions, radishes, mustard leaf...we'll...a cornucopia of food wealth.  The vendors were interesting characters themselves and the visit flew by. 

Stocked, we took our treasures home and then headed for the largest nursery in town.  There we found most everything we'd need for a food garden and flower planting.  Fruit trees were abundant and we met some specimens we'd not seen before.  Discovery is so ingrained in this culture, which makes living here an adventure.

We were also to attend the meeting of the local Green Group later that same before we did we needed to eat, right?  So Charis introduced us to The Gossip...a little eatery right across the street from our last nursery stop.  We feasted on seafood stew in a rich, cream based sauce, crispy Caesar Salads, amazing crab cakes and Micheladas.  I thought I'd need a siesta right away, but the three of us were excited about this Green Group meeting.  The topic this month was the Lake Chapala Society Seed Bank.  Since the three of us are avid gardeners and want to start our our plants from seed, we hoped for networking connections and seed availability.  the LCS Seed Bank is a new venture, so most of the talk was an introduction to the bank and how it would assist the community.

As an afterthought, I dreamed of an Advanced Green Group for people who are already vested in the green movement and might have more specific topics to discuss...note to self:  start one!

The temperature is starting to heat up here.  19 degress we found it the perfect time to head home and we did....which ended our day nicely.

We awakened in time for a sunset walk along the lake...light dinner and a netflix movie...and then more slumber.

Hoping this report finds you well and rested.


Fco. y Brad

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