Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Francisco mentioned above isn't me...but another Francisco that we went to visit today.  Francisco is the stepson of Janice Kimball, a painter, teacher and textile designer living lakeside.

When Brad and I stayed here last year, we rented a casita in Tio Domingo, and Janice's gallery is located just up the street on the carretera in Tio Domingo.  Brad recently went to visit Janice and see her new work.  During the visit Brad mentioned that he was looking for a loom to work on, and one magical thing led to another and next thing you know Brad arrives home announcing that on Tuesday we are to go collect an old loom that Janice was giving him.  The loom was a family heriloom, handed down from family member to family member.

So here it is Tuesday and we decided to invite our friends Craig and Charis to tag along.  Craig is an artisan cabinet maker and was interested in the wood used for the loom....apparently the loom is approximately 200 years old and was made in the style that was popular when the Spanish first arrived in Mexico.

First things first.  One must greet and be greeted by Max Bird, the celebrity avian.  Max wasn't talking much this morning, but did manage to give us a squawk and word or two.

Brad greets Max Bird

Charis and Brad marvel at the beautiful garden

Charis makes fast friends with Princesa

Craig at Francisco's loom

Weavings designed by Janice and executed/woven by Francisco

Kimball designs

Earlier in her career Janice spent time and studied the traditional dances and costumes of Mezcala.  Much of her work incorporates the festivals, traditions and customs of the area.  Her interpretations are both realistic and surreal, always accurate, while at the same time being familiar and enticing.

Kimball designs

Making our way through the weaving design studio we were given a private tour by Janice herself.  She explained the work she and Francisco do, how they create their woven wonders.

Up to the second floor we go....finally arriving at the mirador on the 3rd story where the old loom sits looking out over the beautiful vista of Chapala lake and the surrounding verdant mountains.

Craig and Brad inspect the loom in question

Deconstructing the old loom

Janice magically found some men to help deconstruct the loom, and soon after the pieces were in our family van, packed carefully, ready for the ride home.

But first we must celebrate the victory and our good fortune with a meal at our friend Lupita's restaurant.  Sharing fine food with great friends can't be topped.

And so we await the end of the day and another opportunity to live an amazing lakeside existence, ready to spin new tales. 

Brad is presently in our backyard, re-constructing the loom pieces, inspecting and planning how he will customize this old loom and turn it into his new weaving partner.

Hoping your opportunities are many, wherever you are.

Fco. y Brad

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