Monday, April 9, 2012

Guadalajara Tax Monday

Today was "drive to the big city to pay your property taxes day", so we had breakfast in our beautiful backyard and drove over the hill, out of the lake area into the smog filled metropolis that is Guadalajara.

Last year my father and I paid the taxes on the house here in Guadalajara and the process took several hours, never ending lines, daunting delays and maze like confusion.  So I was expecting the same today.  It was one of those mornings where people just seemed to get in your way, I was grouchy and short tempered.  Perhaps it was my way of preparing myself for the tax ordeal to come.

We made it to the Plaza Del Sol, one of the first outdoor malls in Guadalajara.  I remember when it opened a hundred years ago.  My family visited and we ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd and enjoyed the novelty of it all.

I was surprised to find the mall was still functioning, had had a major face lift, had the ATM machines we were looking for.....and a new fountain entitled "The Magicians Of The Sun" Magos Del Sol by one of our favorite Mexican sculptors... Alejandro Colunga.

Brad and I love the otherworldly creatures this sculptor creates.  He made a beautifully fascinating display in downtown Guadalajara outside of the Hospicio de Cabanas.  This is public art at its finest.  People gawk at the figures, sit in and on them, play with them, have their pictures taken alongside them...all in good fun.

These figures had water elements designed throughout.  On a hot, sunny day like today the fountain calls to the youth of the plaza, enticing them to come cool off in it's watery embrace.  And many of the children did just that.

Onward we trudged, to the administrative offices for the City of Zapopan, where the property tax office is located.  When we arrived we were told that the offices may well be closed until Monday...this is Semana Santa after all.  We decided to investigate, and not only found the offices open, but newly renovated, empty of clients and full of welcoming smiles.  It took me 5 mins. to pay the taxes and we were outta' there!  What a relief that the process was so quick and easy, the offices efficiently renovated and the taxes paid

CCC - To celebrate (and you know we Mexicans celebrate at the drop of a hat) we decided to have a meal.  We chose Citala, a little haunt I've passed before and always wanted to try.

Citala Garden

We started with Champiniones Ajillo, mushrooms sauteed in garlic and ajillo chiles.  This proved to be too spicy for Brad, but I found them perfect.  Mexican salads with Panela cheese followed and then Pollo con Crema de Champiniones y Rajas.  The fact that we were the only people in the place was the cherry on top.  Excellente service is a beautiful part of a great meal....and we had it all.

Champiniones Ajillo


And as we ended another delicious meal and looked forward to going home to siestas, we knew we had another great eatery to add to our list.

I guess the lesson today was that try as you may to plan your day, something always goes awry...but awry might not be a bad thing, if surprisingly, you are gifted with something better...and a beautiful meal to boot.


Fco. y Brad

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