Friday, April 27, 2012


Friday finally arrived.  Today we were to go to one of our favorite places in all of Mexico....the small artisan town of Tlaquepaque.  Our friends Charis and Craig hadn't had the opportunity to visit Tlaquepaque, so the 4 of us made a day trip of it.

Fco. y Su Amigo

I knew that Craig would appreciate the fine woodwork on the 300 year plus hacienda doors.

At times Mexico is home to the in point, this dogcart.  We couldn't figure out if the man and his dogs were a street troupe, or possibly part of a circus?  Or just traveling through town?  Either way, Charis found it entertaining.

One of our favorite shops in Tlaquepaque is the studio of Sergio Bustamante.  Every time we visit we find something new, provocative, exciting.  Sergio started working with paper mache figures, detailing them in fine style...then his paper mache work turned into fine bronze casts, exquisite ceramic and silver jewelry and now woman's high-end handbags.  He even has a designer tequila with his name on it.

Fountain in Bustamante Studio

In the far back of his studio is the sculpture garden....I am looking forward to having one of his pieces in our home someday...trying to decide which piece will be the difficult part.

Bustamante Paper Mache

CCC - As is always the case,  we became hungry, so I took our group to lunch at Casa Fuerte, a wonderful Mexican nouveau cuisine place on the main drag.  We dined on Mexican corn cakes in green poblano sauce, salmon almondrado, shrimp in Jamaica Mole sauce, crepes in cajeta sauce and blackberry cheesecake. 

Salmon Almondrado

Very sated, we strolled down the historical street to our carriage (Ford model).

On the way I ran into the most gifted Catrina I had ever seen, who granted me a photo.

We were due back at lakeside at 6 p.m. so I promised Charis and Craig another trip soon to Tlaquepaque...for we had just experienced the tip of the folk art iceberg...Too much magic to pack into one single day.

I hope your day is full of magic.

Hasta pronto,

Fco. y Brad

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