Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another Sunday already!  How did that happen?

We awoke and decided to attend a fundraising yard sale in a small development outside of Chapala.  Brad had read about the sale which benefited several children's organizations in the area...a set of good causes and a good excuse to go thrifting.  So off to Vista Del Lago we went and found a great mix of  local and expat people enjoying the morning.  I spoke with members from the local Shriners group and bought a woven pine needle basket from a woman who works with the Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon.

Vista Del Lago was located close to San Nicholas on the road to Mezcala.  I've always had a strong attraction to is a small, humble fishing village where several indigenous festivals occur throughout the year.  Since we were headed in the same direction, we decided to visit Mezcala.

Most of the inhabitants are indigenas. You see the indigenous in their fiestas, the historia, the costumbres or customs.

Atractivos turísticos

--Iglesia de la Asunción (construida en 1703)
--Isla de Mezcala (El Presidio)
--El Toro y El Comal (mountain excursion sites) with spectacular vistas, wonderful birds and wild orchids in the months from Sept. to Nov.


Isla de Mezcala

Mezcala was a place of defense for the pueblos during the Independencia de México; it was the place where a famous battle against Nueva Galicia occured.  It was used as a fort in the years (1812-1816). It was a presidio from 1826 to 1855.  It is the only military architecture in the territory of Jalisco.

Mezcala Island In The Distance

Mezcala Malecon

The local artist's works are primarily hand embroidery and hand weavings.


La Santa Cruz (mayo 3 al 5)
San Antonio (junio 13)
Fiestas Patronales a María de la Asunción (agosto 6 al 17)

Typical Cuisine:

Charales, pozole, birria tatemada preparada con pencas de maguey
Bebidas de horchata, jamaica y tamarindo.

Mezcala is a small pueblo of fishermen ideal for contact with nature.  It has a small, new Malecon which was fillng up quickly with visitors for the which time we decided to head back to Chapala for a late breakfast and to visit a new weaver friend we had met the day before.  He offered to show us his workshop and looms, since Brad is looking to purchase one to refurbish and use here lake side.

Yarns from Guadalajara

Bobbin Winding


Large Loom

Breakfast Repose

So after a full day already, we decided to have a late breakfast and then make our way home, looking forward to some R & R...a full siesta and a lovely sunset walk.

Hope you Sunday was's to a great week!

Fco. y Brad

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