Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday In Mexico

Sunday In The Parque

Sunday in Mexico is a special day.  If you play your cards right, you get to have the entire day off, with nothing in particular to do.  Chances are that you've finished all your chores the day before and you can ask "what do I want to do today?" and actually have the time and space to do whatever you decide.

And so it was for us this morning.  Sunday was upon us.  We knew that quite a few of the snowbirds had or were returning home for springtime and that we would have less tourists to confront in the area.  So we decided to take a ride along the lake to Jocotepec to look up our weaving friend and  maestro, Luis.   On weekends he is usually in the main plaza selling his weavings and sure enough, we found him there.

He remembered us from our last meeting and we asked him about used looms, if there were any?  Also about making our own looms.  And about having looms made for us.  It appears that most weavers here make their own looms to their own specifications.  Luis said that he would ask around to his circle of weaver friends to see what was available.  We are to see each other next weekend at the plaza with updates.

Jocotepec  Main Plaza
Jocotepec Stalls In Front Of Main Plaza

We then happily sat at the plaza having our favorite Frappe concoction.  After that satisfying repose, we decided to visit the Malecon, or lake front walk.  We loved this area for its birding selections and open spaces.  When we arrived we found that the Malecon had been expanded and developed even further.  There were prehispanic sculptures throughout, wonderful fountains and whimsical creatures surprised us at every turn.

When in Rome....we did as the locals do and had ice cream.  Brad's selection of banana and coconut ice creams were superb, as you can tell by the ecstatic and mesmerized look on his face.

We also ran into this character, which we christened the Lake Gnome, for he was made up of sea and lake creatures...from a seahorse topped starfish chapeau to his fish skirt...he was a favorite of all the park goers.

Then driving out of town I knew that spring had sprung.  We happened upon this frisky youngster with his mom.  We watched as he bucked and kicked and played with the older horses...the cutiest thing I've seen in a long time.

And where else can you come upon something like this mural painted on the side of a residence in our new hood?  Most of the houses on this block had something extraordinary on the facade of their homes.

Symbol Of Life

We surge as a flock of sheep
and transform ourselves into men
during which time time occurs
like fish arriving at the same end;
the cycle of life.

Fco. y Brad

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